Tony Oudot

Tony Oudot is a writer, photographer and musician based in North London.

Tonys photographic work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines around the world for the last ten years. He has covered everything from large sporting events to world film premieres and music festivals.


After a brief career in music he turned to writing and is currently working on his second novel "The Ballad of Johnny and June", based on the music industry. He currently resides in North London and spends most of his time working in the city.

At 17, Tony began his career as an assistant photographer in an advertising agency in his home town Northampton.


Running parallel to his career in photography, Tony was also developing his skills as a drummer, and moved to London in 1997 to join a band called Heist.


Up until 2005, the band had recorded two albums and made numerous tours of Europe with acts such as the Fall, Buzzcocks and Eddie Reader. Along the way, Tony met a range of rich and varied characters and personalities whilst experiencing the stark realities and sometimes darker side of life as a touring Indie band. This rich experience was to form the core material he would use to draw on for the basis of his forthcoming second novel.


At the end of 2005, when the songwriting core of Heist moved to France to live and set up a recording studio, Tony returned to working as photographer in the area of sport, news and  music. Some of the photographic assignments crossed into the world of celebrity and it was here that Tony touched on the realms of the world of the paparazzi.


It was Tonys experience of working alongside the world of the paparazzi that formed the plot to his first novel 'Shooting Kylie', a fictional narrative based loosely on his photographic experiences in the world of fame and celebrity as a young struggling photographer in London.